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Fund Control is your one stop Construction Loan Managment solution.

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For 30 years, Simron Properties has been developing commercial construction projects. We have developed projects for ourselves and third parties and are very familiar with the all phases of the project development from conception to finish.

We have launched a new company Funds Control for providing our expert services to lenders to oversee and manage every phase of the construction lending process. We give you the assurance that your properties are being built as planned-on time and within budget. Whether your portfolio consists of residential or commercial loans, our team takes the headache out of construction lending with cost-effective, customized solutions for your needs.


How We Can Help You

 Our suite of Risk Mitigation Services protects your portfolio, so you can make construction loans with confidence. Fund Control's Risk Mitigation Services make it easy to track the development of your projects and catch and resolve problems early in the building process.

Our Services

Fund Managment


With Fund Control  you won't need a construction loan department.

We can handle all the functions related to managing your loans, including appraisals for loans, draw request forms, post-draw inspections, and full cost-accounting.

Inspection Services

  • Residential Construction Inspections 
  • Commercial Construction Inspections 
  • Land Development Inspections

Reviews & Assessments

  • Full Plan Review  & Cost Analysis
  • Limited Plan Review  & Cost Analysis
  • Cost Analysis
  • Full or Limited Property Condition Asessment

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Please contact us directly with any questions, comments, or scheduling inquiries you may have.

Feel free to fax any documents to (555) 555-5555 

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